Mentoring farmers

VSA volunteers helping a farmer start with zero budget natural farming

Toxin free vegetable market

The regular market for pesticide and fertilizer-free produce

Sapling care

Watering the saplings in the peak of summer.

Orange festival 2015

Toxin-free Nagpur oranges direct from the farmer and profit is passed on direct to farmer.

Farm visit

A young calf greets VSA members


Continuous contour trenching helps slow down rainwater and increases groundwater

Rotary hill

Shot very close to this location

One of the farmers

One of the farmers who is now working with VSA


talking to the farmers

Native Indian cow

The dung of the native cow has the best composition for ZBNF

Farm visit

Group photo 2016

Group photo 2015

Building check dams

working hard on a summer morning to increase the ground water

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talking to the farmers