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A few of the members

Around the year 2004 a few dynamic people decided they will do something about climate change instead of just watching helplessly. They started planting trees and taking care of the saplings.

More environmentally conscious people joined and now more than a hundred volunteers take part in many activities all aimed at sustainable living. Now Vasundhara Swachata Abhiyan is involved in various initiatives including prevention of farmer suicides, bringing toxin-free fruits and vegetables to consumers, groundwater conservation, river conservation, and so on.

Vasundhara Swachatta Abhiyan (VSA) became a public movement to mitigate global warming since around 2006, but collecting and regularising the constant inflow of funds and donations needed to be addressed.


In order to facilitate the constant inflow of funds from active members, other organisations, and CSR funds, a legal entity with the name Vasundhara Shashwat Jeevan Sanstha (VSJS) was founded in May 2016. VSJS was registered as an NGO on 3rd May 2016 with Registrar of Societies and has the registration number MH/747/2016/Pune.

VSJS is the 'umbrella organisation' that helps and supports VSA activities through various donations and CSR funds that are regularly received.

Collection and Expenditure statement for Dec 2016 ZBNF Shibir workshop

Here is a summary of collections and expenditure of the Dec 2016 ZBNF Shibir workshop. Click to view the document pages.

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